Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2022-07-28T18:29:51-04:00
How do I get started?2022-07-08T14:16:05-04:00

If you are a new client, we recommend that you start with our Top-to-Bottom Deluxe Cleaning. This will give your whole house a fantastic clean and will get you caught up on your housekeeping. Then schedule our Recurring Cleaning Service and we will arrange regular cleanings on the frequency that you choose: every week, every two weeks, or every four weeks. We also offer Move In/Move Out cleanings to deep-clean an empty house. BONUS: Get a discount off a Top-to-Bottom or Move In/Move Out Cleaning if you book Recurring Cleanings at the same time. Get started now with a fast free quote!

What if I need to skip a cleaning?2022-07-08T14:16:05-04:00

If you are a Recurring Cleaning customer, any request to skip a cleaning please call our office at (412) 819-7096 your regular Recurring Cleaning frequency is weekly, you will be charged a $35 skip fee for any skipped cleaning. If your Recurring Cleaning frequency is every two weeks, you will be charged a $50 skip fee for any skipped cleaning. If your Recurring Cleaning frequency is every four weeks, you will be charged a $100 skip fee for any skipped cleaning. Regardless of your regular schedule, if you skip two cleanings in a row, you will be charged the full, non-discounted price for the catch-up cleaning.

Late Changes and Late Cancellations.2023-01-03T20:50:11-05:00

Because our cleaning technicians are scheduled in advance, late changes and cancellations are very disruptive. If you cancel or reschedule a service less than 24 hours before your originally scheduled date, we will charge a 50% of your cleaning cost cancellation fee to help compensate the cleaning technicians for the loss of income.  If your cleaning is scheduled for a Monday, we request notice of cancellation by 9 a.m. on the preceding Friday to avoid the fee.


Lockouts deprive our cleaning technicians of their income. If you do not contact us to cancel a cleaning and the technician arrives at your home at the scheduled time and cannot gain entry or is denied access, we will charge you a lockout fee of the full cost of the cleaning to compensate the cleaning technician for their lost time.

How does billing work?2022-07-08T14:16:04-04:00

When you schedule your first service with us, we will take a credit card that will be kept securely filed for payments. Payment is due at time of each service and your card will be charged the day of each cleaning. If your credit card is declined for any reason, we will contact you and ask for this to be remedied within three (3) business days. If payment is not made within three (3) business days following a cleaning, we will assess a late payment fee of $10 per day, and will pause all scheduled services until payment is made. If your service is paused, you may lose your place in the schedule.

Happiness Guarantee.2022-07-08T14:16:04-04:00

We want you to be delighted with our service! If you are dissatisfied with any of our cleaning services, please contact us right away so that we can make it right. We will first assess the situation to make sure that we understand the concern, then will re-clean the problem area at
no cost to you. The re-clean must be completed within two business days following your initial date of service. If you are still not satisfied and Maid Squad is at fault, we will offer a refund or partial refund according to the circumstances. Please note that in order for us to offer a refund, we require that a re-clean must be accepted and completed within two business days from the initial date of service.

Rate Increases.2022-07-08T14:16:03-04:00

We reserve the right to raise our rates as needed to adjust for costs, however we will always give our clients advance notice of any price increase.

No unfair solicitation of employees.2022-07-08T14:16:03-04:00

At Maid Squad, we are proud of our wonderful employees and we put a lot of time, money, and effort into recruiting, hiring, and training only the best people. Sadly, some past clients have tried to take advantage of our hard work by trying to “poach” our employees. Please note that our employment contract prohibits employees from accepting private work for Maid Squad clients unless Maid Squad is compensated with a finder fee of $2,500. Please do not solicit our employees for side jobs or direct hire outside of this contract. Not only does this place our employee in an awkward situation, it is unfair to our small business. If you attempt to solicit an employee for private hire without paying the required finder fee, all future services will be immediately terminated.

Changes from Original Quote.2022-07-08T14:16:02-04:00

We offer an upfront price estimate before we even enter your home, based on what you tell us about the size of your home and the cleaning service selected. We reserve the right to change the quoted pricing, including any applicable discounts, if the actual size or circumstances of your home are not as described.

What if something in my home is damaged or broken?2022-07-08T14:16:02-04:00

While we always take great care while cleaning your home, accidents do happen. Our teams are trained to report all damage to the office immediately, and we will contact you to discuss repairs, replacement, or reimbursement. We are insured and a copy of our insurance policy is available upon your request. Our staff is trained to work thoroughly and carefully but accidents can happen on even the best cleaning teams. Therefore, we encourage you to put away any valuables or heirlooms to avoid mishaps. Items that are typically excluded from coverage include but not limited to; cash, jewelry, art, antiques, and electronics. If you have any irreplaceable collectable or expensive objects, we ask that those items be properly secured or put away in order to avoid accidents, or loss of those items.

Who will be cleaning my home?2022-07-08T14:17:07-04:00

For most homes, we will assign two cleaning technicians, although we may schedule additional cleaners for larger jobs. We will assign our cleaning technicians based on your location. All of our cleaners are well trained, highly rated, and thoroughly vetted. We conduct background checks, in-person interviews, and paid training for every employee, so we know they will do a great job for you. The day before each cleaning, you will receive a confirmation email.

Will I always have the same technicians?2022-07-08T14:17:53-04:00

We know that many of our clients are very fond of our cleaners! We cannot guarantee which employee will be at your home on any given day, but if you have a preference for a particular cleaning technician, contact our office to let us know and we will assign them to your home
whenever they are available. When that is not possible, we will send a different cleaner, and we guarantee that they will also do a great job for you.

What do I need to do to get ready?2022-07-08T14:18:40-04:00

Our goal is to make this as easy as possible for you, but a little help from you will go a long way toward getting the perfect clean. Before we arrive, please pick up excess clutter, move any fragile items out of the way, and empty the sinks so that our cleaning technicians can safely
access all the surfaces in your home. We will clean around your possessions rather than move them.

During the summer and winter months, it is important that our technicians be able to work in safe temperatures. Please be aware of any issue with your heater or AC.

Other than that, just secure any pets and make sure that we will be able to enter your home at the scheduled date and time. We know what to do after that!

How do the cleaners get in if I’m not home?2022-07-08T14:19:20-04:00

When you schedule your cleaning, we will ask for instructions on how to enter your home. For example: you may hide a key, use a lock box, give us a garage code, or use a smart lock. Please turn off any alarms to prevent them from going off accidentally and tell us if there are anyspecial circumstances that our technicians should know about, such as unsecured pets. Our technicians will lock up after themselves when they leave.

What if I forget to give entry access?2022-07-08T14:19:48-04:00

If you are not home when the cleaning technicians arrive and have not provided access information in advance, we will contact you and request a way to enter, such as a garage code or hidden key. If the cleaning technician cannot gain access or is turned away at the door, we will
charge you a lockout fee up to 100% of the full cost of the cleaning to compensate our cleaning technicians for the lost time.

When will the cleaners arrive?2022-07-08T14:20:32-04:00

You choose the date of your cleaning service during your initial scheduling, and we will follow up with a confirmation email. We will also send you a reminder the day before each cleaning with the arrival window and the name and a photograph of the employee assigned to your home. The cleaning technician will arrive within that three-hour arrival window. For example, if the arrival window is 11 a.m.–2 p.m., the cleaner may arrive as early as 11 a.m. or as late as 2 p.m. to begin cleaning. If you will not be home when the cleaning technician arrives, simply contact our office at (412) 819-7096 to give entry instructions.

What about my pets?2022-07-08T14:20:57-04:00

We will gladly work around most domestic pets, but please secure any pet that may be a threat to our cleaning technicians or that may interfere with or interrupt the cleaning process.

What if I have a special request for that day?2022-07-08T14:21:28-04:00

Please let us know 24 business-hours before your scheduled cleaning. It will help us plan the day in case your special request requires us to be in your home longer and to make sure we bring necessary supplies, so we can be prepared. You can call, email, or text us. If there are specific areas you wish us to avoid and not clean, please contact the office in advance and we are happy to comply. Please note, however, we do not clean items such as computers, areas containing bodily fluids or excretions, or litter boxes.

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